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Manson and Rob Zombie from Tuesday night 🖤🤟🏻

Skiing by Boris Groh

Skiing by Boris

Necromancer by hyun lee

Necromancer by hyun

The Crow by Devin-Francisco

The Crow by Devin-Francisco

Creepypasta #1589: Antropolove

Length: Short

There is something wrong with my boyfriend.

I cannot
exactly pinpoint what, but something is definitely off.

He’s just too

morning, when I wake up, I open my eyes only to look at his radiant face as if
he had been up and about for hours, his breath mint fresh and his hair
artistically tousled.

Moreover, the
way he moves seems so limber, so fluid, so sprightly, whereas I trudge clumsily
behind him, desperate to make my stiff movements match his vivacious pace.

He’s also
gorgeous, hypnotically so: sometimes, I sit and zoom in on his beautiful
flushed face as he’s playing video games, only to snap out of this trance when
he gets up, unable to compute how long I have been sitting there without

Since I have
met him, I find myself unable to focus on anything else than him or his
well-being and I’m starting to feel like blowing a fuse if I don’t get any
answers soon.

As I change
the sheets of our bed to distract myself, I wonder if I should venture outside.

I never leave
the house without him, because he doesn’t like it and I don’t feel safe when
he’s not around to steer me and help me circumnavigate the consequences of my
own clumsiness.

So, I
carefully scan the view from my bedroom window, but I am instantly paralysed by

Maybe it’s
time for a nap, I often nap, but I never feel quite reenergised when he’s not
resting next to me, heaven knows why.

My hand
mechanically smooths out the sheets on the right side of the bed, caressing the
pillow he lies upon night after night, when, moving on to my side of the bed, I
hit my knee against something hard and flat, protruding from under the

It’s an
inductive charging pad, like the ones you’d see for phones, only this one is
much bigger.

And it’s tucked away under the left side of the mattress.

Credits to: MissLunaKitty89 (story)

Crusader by Smerdulak

Crusader by Smerdulak



Fog Weaver by Tatiana Veryayskaya

Fog Weaver by Tatiana

Sower of Discord – Magic the Gathering concept…

Sower of Discord – Magic the
Gathering concept by Wisnu

Creepypasta #1588: Warning From A Voyeur

Length: Short

I know what people think when they hear “voyeur”, and to be
honest, I don’t really care. I’ve never been palatable to most people, and most
people haven’t been palatable to me. They’re loud, rude, obnoxious, and think
way too highly of themselves. I can’t really fathom being around, much less
talking to one of those pompous asses.

That being
said, I do like watching them.

Seeing how
they act, how they behave when they think no one can see them. It’s quite a
rush. But don’t misunderstand me, I’m no treetop climbing pervert. I do most of
my watching in public.

I won’t bore
you with the intricate details of how exactly I do that, nor will I attempt to
justify myself to your, no doubt, numerous objections to my behavior. No, all
I’m going to do is leave you with a warning… actually, more of a suggestion.

Do a little
watching of your own.

Not to the
extent that I do, but just… for a few days, pay extra attention to your
friends, family, and coworkers. If you’re thorough then you’ll start noticing
things you weren’t able to before. Like how some people have really good
posture, how you only ever see some people at a particular place, how some
“people” can always seem to find you wherever you are…

How some people never seem to blink.

Credits to: CommanderSection (story)