I Love My Dolls


To say I love my dolls, well, that wouldn’t be just. I don’t think those four meaningless words are strong enough to show the relationship I have with them.

I would tell you the truth, but you wouldn’t believe me. You’d probably call me insane, in denial, lonely – you would think it’s just a sick joke, but you wouldn’t trust yourself to step foot to where I tell you my dolls reside. So would repudiation be swarming through my mind or yours?

Have you ever found a stray pet wandering the streets? If not, close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through the cool, wet grass in which you come across a lonely abandoned dog. If you love pets, your heart might reach out for the pup, and your mind might persuade you into taking it home and caring for it. Obviously, this would be a process, because you have to make sure the pet is groomed, free of diseases and trained – but everything will fall into place at some point.

That’s how I meet my dolls; they are figuratively the strays wandering the streets with no home, I give them what they need.

Except, sometimes you’ll realize that ‘stray’ actually belongs to someone, but if that other person loved them then they wouldn’t have let them walk alone.

My dolls belong to others, but no one will ever care for them as much as I do.

I love my dolls, but I don’t think they feel the same. Or, maybe they’re starting to.. some nights they scream, others they cry, but a couple began to laugh.

Unfortunately, just like strays, the ones that don’t want to cooperate may need to be put down.

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