Creepypasta #1158: Artemis And Apollo

Length: Medium


My name’s Sophie, and I’m almost
thirteen. I want to tell you a story about my favorite goddess, Artemis. This
year in school we learned all about the Greeks and the Romans. Me and my
twin brother, Matt, like Artemis and Apollo the most, because they are archer
twins, and we’re twins who do sharpshooting. Also I’m a young girl, and Artemis
protects girls. She doesn’t let anyone hurt them or touch them, because she’s
the goddess of wild things and places, and she keeps moms from dying when they
have babies, and she looks after girls getting their period, and before they
have sex.

know what sex is because one time I saw my older brother Henry have it with his
girlfriend, and he got really mad. She thought it was funny because I kind of
cried a little, but only because I thought he was hurting her and they were in
the back of his car behind the house and it scared me, because I wanted to hide
in the car since me and Matt were playing a game. His girlfriend is named Gabby
but they don’t date anymore, which is good because I didn’t like her. She told
me one day I’d have to have sex with someone and asked me if I’d cry the whole
time and I wanted to hurt her because she looked really happy in a mean way. It
made me feel really sick and nervous and I didn’t eat anything at dinner and
Henry was mad for like the rest of the week because he said I was being a nosy

I’m never having sex with anyone, so Artemis will always protect me. Because
she’s a hunter and she turns bad men into animals and lets her dogs rip them
apart. If she likes you she’ll let you come hunt with her, if you’re a
girl. She rides in chariot pulled by six golden deer. Sometimes she rides a
giant stag, and she wears a crown of animal bones and brambles. She has
thirteen dogs for hunting. Artemis only ever loved one man, and his name was

her twin brother, Apollo, was jealous, because he loved his sister too, and he
tricked her into killing Orion by mistake. Artemis forgave Apollo, though,
because he is her brother. Apollo never grows old, like Artemis. He’s always a
teenage boy, and he shines like the sun, while she glows like the moon. Without
him there would be no sunlight and no music, or truth in the world, but he
brings the plague too, because those who heal can also kill.

is like Apollo, because he’s really good at music and he never, ever gets sick,
and his hair is so blond it looks like it’s fake. I have dark hair, like Henry
and Dad. Matt and my big sister Kate are blond like Mom. Matt likes girls and
boys, too, just like Apollo, but we can’t tell anyone about that. Matt and I
are really close, just like Artemis and Apollo. Sometimes we finish sentences
for each other, like we can read minds. We can’t, but we’re close. I know
everything about him and he knows everything about me. We’ve always been that
way. People think it’s weird, just because we’re a girl and a boy, and we’re
not supposed to still like each other by now, but we do. Matt is my best
friend. I would do anything for him, and he would do anything for me.

summer we made a blood pact and promised to never hurt each other, so we poked
our fingers with a sewing needle (I heated it up first, so it wouldn’t make us
like, infected), and mixed the blood together, and said, “I swear on my
blood and yours that I will never hurt you and always protect you, because
you’re my twin.” I know it sounds fake but I felt something when we did that,
in my blood. It was real.

hate my full name, Sophia, because it just means ‘wisdom’, and that’s pretty
boring. Artemis’s name means a lot of things, but I like this one best: the
stainless butcher. Artemis is always a maiden and she’s always pure, no matter
what. It means she could be covered in blood and guts after killing a bear and
still be clean inside.

tried to hurt Artemis, because she said she would never grow up and never have
sex. A god named Alpheus tried to kidnap her to make her have sex with him, but
she covered herself in mud and dirt to hide from him. Then he tried to hurt her
friend, but she turned her friend into a spring, to save her. One time a boy
saw her bathing in a river and thought bad stuff about what he was going to do
to her, so she turned him into a girl.

And then there was a man named
Actaeon. He tried to hunt Artemis because he wanted to have her. He thought he
was a better hunter than her, and he would win, because he had so many dogs to
track her down. But she turned him into a stag, and his dogs killed him.
They ate him, probably. He didn’t listen to her. He thought he
was going to win because she was just a girl and he was bigger and stronger.

don’t have dogs like Artemis. But I have my own sharpshooting rifle. When I’m
done with school I could maybe be a sniper for the military. I’m going to cut
my hair and dye it silver when I get to high school. It’s long and curly and
everyone says I’m too pretty to shoot and too pretty for the military and too
pretty to not wear skirts and dresses. I don’t want to be pretty. I want to be
like Artemis.

want to be like Artemis so bad because nothing can hurt her. And people keep
hurting me. I know Actaeon. I’ve seen him. He’s hunting me. He taught me how to
shoot and he takes me to my competitions and he tells me I’m pretty. But I know
who he is. People never really die, they just get reborn. Maybe in my next life
I’ll be a deer or a dog or a wolf. I’ll howl at the moon and run in the woods
with my pack. But first I have to kill my hunter. I can’t turn him into a stag.

But I can tell him to come meet me
near the shooting range. And I can sit with Matt and our binoculars up high
while we wait until we see him. They said at my last tournament that I’m the
best junior shot in years. I’m going to be the best shot in this century. Matt
always calls the right spot, because he has perfect vision to start with, and
he knows what I know. That’s why we’re so close. He won’t let me down. He’ll
call him when he sees him, and I won’t miss. Artemis never does.

Credits to: notyourcure