Creepypasta #1159: Room 207

Length: Short

Hotel Guest Comment Card

We checked in late on March 27, exhausted from traveling all day. The room
seemed fine. My son was already asleep so I put him to bed, took off his shoes
and dropped them on the floor. I went into the bathroom. When I came out,
something was strange: my son’s shoes had been moved to the top of the
bookshelf in the far corner of the room.

My son did not move them. He was asleep, and he’s not tall
enough to reach. I searched the room, but I didn’t find anything unusual. It
must have been me, I told myself. I must have been so tired that I put them
there and forgot.

I lined up the shoes next to the wall to create a clear
memory of placing them there, and watched them in the mirror as I brushed my
teeth. I bent down to rinse, glanced away, and they were gone. Again I searched
the room. I did not find my son’s shoes.

Part of me was incredulous, and worried about the potential
embarrassment of calling the front desk. What if my mind was playing tricks on
me? But I was also frightened, especially when I realized my cell phone does
not work here. Even more so when I found the landline is unusable, missing its

decided to check the hallway, hoping to flag down an employee or another guest.
I was shocked to find the door was locked from the outside. I struggled with
it. I tried to kick it down. The noise should have woken my son, but it didn’t.
I rushed to check on him.

He was gone. Vanished.

I’ve been here for days now. I’ve had plenty of time to
think and cry and consider the best way to communicate with you. Since you’re
reading this message, three things must be true:

1.    I did not make it out
alive, because if I had, I would have torn this place apart looking for my boy.

2.    Something has
compelled you to come over to the bookshelf, where you found this comment card
concealed behind the wallpaper.

3.    Therefore, whatever
happened to me has begun to happen to you.

I’m sorry I can’t
help. I offer only validation of your sanity and some advice. Ignore whatever
object you found on top of the bookshelf. Don’t try the window. And don’t
bother screaming. It won’t stop them.

Credits to: whoeverfightsmonster