Creepypasta #1160: Nothing Can Stop The Rain

Length: Short

other kids my age love the rain.

see it as something to splash around in, or as a lullaby to put them to sleep.
But for kids like me, the rain is no fun at all. For kids like me, the rain is
evil. And today, the rain is finally coming to get me.

and Pa have no idea why I’m so scared of the rain. They’d never believe me if I
told them. Adults never believe kids. All I want to do was crawl under my bed
and wait for the storm to end. But I know that won’t help. Running away from
home is my only hope.

can stop the rain.

bolt out of the backdoor, backpack slung over my shoulder, and hop the fence.
Every few seconds I look up at the grey, darkening sky. I’m so scared. The
thunder is loud, like a growling beast. If I could just reach the bus
station, I could get on a bus leaving town. The rain’s anger couldn’t reach me

skin keeps expecting those first drops. Dissolving. Erasing. Cleansing the
world of troublemakers like me. I know that the rain wants to punish me, the
way it punishes all naughty children. The faces of my poor, long-gone friends
flash through my mind with every lightning clap. There’s no way I’m going to
let the rain catch me.

the bus station, I spy just what I want to see- a waiting bus! Just as I feel
the first raindrop hit my neck, I make it onboard.

the door and step on it, mister!” I shout at the confused-looking driver.
There’s no one else left to get on, so Mr. Driver listens to me, and we take
off. Looking out the back window, eventually all I can see is a waterfall
pouring over the town. It looks so far away from here- like a painting.

That was close.

I know raindrops are just normal water. They can’t melt down bad children. Duh-
I’m not stupid. But the rain can do other things. The rain is a big tattletale.
It likes to wash up secrets.

Secrets like the graves I buried my friends

Credits to: GuyAwks