Creepypasta #1168: A 911 Call

Length: Medium

what is your emergency.”

is someone on my porch, I don’t know him, and he won’t go away.”

please tell me your current address?”

Twin Bluff Road”

sending the police now, but I want you to stay with me. Tell me what this man
is doing.”

I’m trying to remain calm. Alright, my house sort of juts out on one side, so I
am walking to a window in that jut where I can see the front door.”

you are the only one there?”

me and the man.”

what is happening?”

as of yet …Oh god…”


man is sitting there on a chair. He is just smiling at me. Oh god. Oh god.”

police are on their way.”

He is just sitting there. He’s not moving. Why is he smiling at me? What is
happening, ma’am?”

don’t know. You know what? Move away from the window.”

not sure that is a good idea.”


if he tries breaking in my house? I’d rather see him.”

is your safety versus your house’s. I’m going to try to help you.”

I’m walking deeper in my house.”

want you to affirm you are the only one there. Often times criminals don’t work

don’t hear anything. I’m alone in a bathroom. But I can only think about that
man. Now that I think about it… something was wrong about that man. I need to
see him again to tell you what exactly.”

squad car is only five minutes away.”

good. I’m going to see the porch again.”

you sure you will be safe?”


what is happening, second-by-second.”



is still there. Oh god… not again. His pupils, that’s what is wrong.”


smile. He’s got to stop. I swear he hasn’t moved since I left. Only his eyes
seem to follow me.”

said something was wrong with his pupils.”

yes, they take up his whole eyes. Almost like dog eyes. Wait, he just cocked
his head. His face lost its smile. Oh, no. It is back again.”

minutes and the police will arrive.”

just got up. He mouthed something:

I sit down or stand. Do you want me to come in.

no, no, no. Oh, good. He sat back down.”


is happening?”

He is smiling at me. Not moving. Oh no. I hear creaking in my house.”

now. Get to a bathroom. Lock yourself in it.”

pretty much sprinting there. The creaking has stopped.”

matter, lock yourself in the bathroom.”

wasn’t ever thinking of not doing it.”


locked in. I’m safe.”

The phone
falls silent. Nothing is heard.

You still there?”





cutting edge of silence, the edge of something which is so calm.

bloodied blade. Silence.

Are you there?”

The call

cars arrive the next day. There is an investigation that same day.

A police report
says: “After investigation, we found out that the man in question was lured
into the bathroom, where the murderer was waiting silently behind the shower


“The 911
operator was found to be working with the criminals. The audio recordings show
that she claims to have sent a police car. We urge citizens to call 911 in the
event of any emergency. The events that took place that night were an isolated
incident. But nevertheless we are running full investigations in the agency.”

ran. She was never caught.

died that fateful day.

lived on.


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