Any Death by Witches? PS Love yo stories! *I personally love horror it’s just that I get scared super easily but your stories are less ‘Saw’ and more ‘Goodnight Mommy’ (you should at least look at the trailer if you haven’t seen it) Anyways love you and your work 😙*

Ohhh I have heard about Goodnight Mummy. Watched the trailer, got really interested and and read the plot on the Wiki page, but I’ve not actually watched the actual movie (don’t know why, to be honest). 

And yea I do try to make the content here more skewed towards psychological horror in general instead of gore. Nothing against gore of course, it’s basically just because I prefer the former style of stories. My preference for psych horror also comes through in my originals as well, hardly a drop of gore in any of them. 

And as for witches,

Tons here too: