Halloween 2017 #11: Gossiping With My New Neighbors

Length: Short

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood with
our kids. Everyone is nice and all that, but I get the sense that they are a
pretty close knit bunch. Which is pretty normal, admirable even. It’s kind of
charmingly old fashioned.

After coming
home from work the other day, my husband A.J. was talking to the handyman. I
guess he was trying to get a feel for who lived in the area before us.

here is pretty normal, ordinary I guess. But this time of year, the big thing
around these parts was Jerry Fulton and his Halloween decorations,” he said
while pointing to the house two yards over.

“He was the
kind of guy who really got into Halloween,” he continued. “I swear, every year
was always trying to outdo himself, which he usually managed to do somehow.
Everyone else on the block didn’t even try to keep up. At first, some of the
neighbors were a bit crabby about it all. But as time went on, they began to
appreciate it, enjoy it even. When I saw his yard and house all decked out like
that, I swear I didn’t know what to do. I had never seen Halloween decorations
that elaborate before. It became a sort of a neighborhood thing. I think it was
even featured on the local news if I remember correctly.”

impressive,” my husband agreed.

“Sure is.
Last time I spoke to him was last year in August. Jerry promised to give me a
sneak peak on what his plans for Halloween. Guess he wanted some help around
the yard or something from the neighborhood contractor. But since I had to move
out of town for a few months, it never happened. I was sure disappointed, I can
tell you that.”

“I bet you
were,” A.J. nodded the guy got back to work.

About a week
later, I bumped into Heather, a woman who lives a few blocks over. Being new to
the area, I made some polite chit chat with her. She seemed very nice and
interested in getting to know me. For some reason, I mentioned Halloween was
coming up.

“But I’m sure
our decorations won’t be anywhere near as impressive as the guy down the
street,” her face fell slightly at this.

“What do you
mean?” her eyebrows raised in confusion.

handyman, he told me that guy put on amazing Halloween displays ever year.” I
was confused, did I say the wrong thing? Heather must have sensed my confusion,
because she began to explain.

“Jerry Fulton was insane. He would put morbid things in his
yard every year for Halloween. But no one figured it out until last year, when
he killed some kid and used the body as a decoration. Hung it right in the
front yard from a noose. I myself walked right passed it twice and never
noticed. Thank God someone did, otherwise, who knows how long it would’ve gone

Credits to: thegeneralg (story)