Halloween 2017 #4: How To Get More Candy On Halloween

Length: Short

I walked down the cellar stairs, careful not to trip over
the trails of my ghost-costume dangling around my feet.

The basement
was dark, but I knew my way. I reached the center and dumped my stash of
Halloween candy on the floor, relieved that the weight was finally off my arms.

tentacles crept out of the darkness and swirled around the treasure pile of
gumballs, M&Ms and tootsie rolls.

I sat and
watched as everything was eaten; wrappers and all. I hoped this would be the
last run I had to do tonight. My feet were throbbing from all that

My hopes for
a reprieve were dashed when I heard the voice utter a singular command.


“I can’t get
more,” I said. “Halloween is almost over!”

There was no
use trying to be rational. I tried to explain that I’ve visited some houses
three times tonight and people were starting to recognize my costume.

But the
hunger was insatiable.


I dared not refuse.
There were consequences to disobeying.

So, I set out
again. I was on the verge of tears as I was tired and my feet were aching. It
was late so I couldn’t venture far and I already knocked on all the nearby
houses in the neighborhood. People who recognized my costume told me to beat
it, thinking I was some greedy kid trying to double-dip.

I did the
only thing I could do. I changed out of my ghost costume.

I knocked on
the door of a house I had visited twice before.

The elderly
lady that lived there opened the door and greeted me with a smile.

“Oh ho!” she
exclaimed. “What are you supposed to be?”

“I am
N’phar,” I stated. “Child of N’Thalpa, Eternal Queen of the Void…”

“I see….Well,
I must say, your costume is….urm…rather impressive! Here you go dearie. Why
don’t you take the rest of my candy? I was going to close up for the night

I couldn’t
believe my good fortune! Several houses had the same reaction. Some even took
my picture with their cell phones. I returned to the cellar with a stash of candy
that was three times as big as the previous ones.

She was
pleased at first, but when she saw that I had discarded my costume, she quickly
grew enraged. N’Thalpa, my mother, had given me strict instructions to never
reveal my true self to others.

“It is not
our time!” She bellowed.

I dutifully
awaited my punishment while mother gorged on the latest batch of candy. If I
was lucky, she would devour me and I would be reborn again, in another time, –
provided of course – that she still needed me to bring her candy.

If I was unlucky, I would not be reborn at all, which would
be a shame, because…I was starting to like Halloween.

Credits to:  MechDog2395 (story)