Halloween 2017 #8: The Nice Man Invited Me Into The Creepy House

Length: Short

Everyone knew that Mr. Sillis was guilty.

Everyone also
knew that Mr. Sillis was rich. That’s why he lived in a giant house on the end
of Hill Street. It’s the reason six of the most expensive defense attorneys in
the state were by his side at the funeral.

It is, in
fact, the reason that no one went to jail after they laid his wife and young
son in the ground.

He said he
wasn’t guilty.

But everyone
knew how dangerous he really was.

And no one
questioned why he never shed a tear.


“Don’t go
trick-or-treating at the Sillis house on the end of Hill Street,” every parent
in town would say to their children. The kids would roll their eyes, because
they’d heard the same warning dozens of times.

So when
little Suzy Walker, four feet tall, walked up the Sillis driveway on Halloween
night, she was all alone. She smiled innocently as her little black cape
bounced along behind her, head bobbing slightly as she worked her way up the
steep path.

Mr. Sillis
looked surprised when he opened the door. “Hello there, little girl. I, um,
wasn’t expecting any trick-or-treaters.” He looked around her. “Are you all

“Yep!” she
squeaked with an innocent smile.

Mr. Sillis
looked up and down his driveway again, and began to smile himself. “Why don’t
you come inside? I might have some candy in my kitchen.” He stepped aside, and
little Suzy Walker trotted right in.

He quietly
closed the door behind her.

When he
looked back, she was staring at him expectantly. “I’m pretty hungry, you know.”

He nodded,
rubbing his hands together. “I… can understand that hunger. Please… follow me.”

She didn’t move. “It’s been a while
since I’ve eaten, you know. One meal can sustain me for quite some
time. So I like to be… selective in my choices.” Her feet remained
in place, but her hand reached up and locked the door. A smile grew on her
face, and fangs grew from her gums. “And screams taste like candy. But I bet
you already knew that.”


No one who
looked like little Suzy Walker was ever seen again. But she wasn’t missed.

because no one by that name lived in that town. Anyone, except for the
reclusive Mr. Sillis, would have known that.

Mr. Sillis
was never seen alive again.

He wasn’t
missed, either.

But that was for different reasons altogether.

Credits to: ByfelsDisciple (story)