Halloween 2017 #13: Recovered: Stenographer’s Record Of Courtroom 2B

Length: Short

“Your Honor, the defense calls the defendant to the

{REDACTED}, exactly what is it you do for a living?”

“I’m a
performer. You know, like kid’s birthday parties and stuff? Parents want a
character to show up, sometimes a clown or a Mickey Mouse-type. Been a superhero
plenty of times, too. It’s nothing fancy, but it pays the bills.”

it be fair to say you play professional dress-up, Mr. {REDACTED}?”

that’s the way {REDACTED} – that is, my wife, used to describe it.”

“I see.
Mr. {REDACTED}, could you please tell us what really happened on that Halloween

“I mean,
uh, if you really want to hear it…”

“We do,
Mr. {REDACTED}, please begin.”

Halloween’s usually a great season for me and the guys. Get a lot of jobs
coming in for haunted houses, pranks, parties and all that. We got a whole
warehouse back at company HQ just loaded with Halloween gear. It’s spooky, man!
Uh, anyway, job comes in – some clients want a serial killer to show up at
their Halloween party for a while. Put on a show, "murder” some
guests, that type of thing. Pretty typical stuff, really. They said they had a
costume in mind, something they already had at the house. We normally didn’t do
that sort of thing, but these guys were paying through the nose so we let it

broke company regulations?”

uh, not exactly. My boss approved it, and this type of thing happens pretty
often. Now, the costume they gave me was mainly basic stuff – black cloak, fake
hatchet, all that jazz. But they also gave me this weird mask to wear. It had
that kinda soulless, Michael Myers-type look. Pretty sure it was old because it
was wooden – and that smell – it smelled like a cat died in it or something, I
don’t know. But hey, that’s what the customers paid for, so I wore it.”

can you recall the night’s events that occurred after you put on the

(No response)



don’t recall grabbing the chainsaw from the garage and slicing partygoers in


don’t recall leaving their heads on spikes at the edge of the yard, horrifying
countless trick-or-treaters in the process?”


don’t recall gathering the eyeballs of the dead, blending them into a smoothie,
and drinking them through your mask to the horror of gathering onlookers?”


{REDACTED}, why can’t you recall these actions?”

you got it wrong. I never wore that mask. It wore me.”

“Do you
mean this mask, Mr. {REDACTED}?”



“I said
get that fucking thing away from me.”

I’d like you to try on this mask for the court in order to prove your

out of your goddamned mi – wait – you! You were there that night! The clie –

please restrain the defendant for the demonstration.”



Credits to: SpookWilliamsPI (story)