Well that’s that for Halloween 2017!

Not as spruced up as the previous years I gotta admit but I was a tad busier this time round. Anyway I hoped you’ve lot enjoyed the story haul this year and if you’ve not read all of them yet, what the heck is wrong with you?

And what was your costume this year? Bet you can’t top mine, I was dressed as A Family Disappointment™. Hooray


Here’s the full list of Halloween stories for 2017 – 

Halloween Is Not For Kids

Mrs Michaud’s House

Trick Or Treat

How To Get More Candy On Halloween

The Last Time I Worked A Halloween House

In A Small Town, You Get To Know Everyone

Trick Or Treating, In My Old Town

The Nice Man Invited Me In The Creepy House

Welcome To Halloween Camp!

The Review

Gossiping With My New Neighbors

It Followed Me Home From The Haunted Farm

Recovered: Stenographer’s Record Of Courtroom 2B

The Devil’s Toy Box

Twenty Years In The Dark

The Same Kid Has Been Trick Or Treating Me For The Last 10 Years

If your appetite ain’t satiated yet, here are loads more from the previous years – 

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