Creepypasta #1299: Wanna See Me Take It All Off?

Length: Long

boring backstory about me: I’m a 19 year old guy in my first year at college, a
CompSci major. I’ve never posted a story myself
before because as you’ll be able to tell, I can’t write for shit. Pretty active
in the comments though. You’d know my username if I told you it. Maybe. Maybe
I’m just kidding myself and I’m a nobody.

how I feel a lot of the time; a nobody. I’ve had precisely one girlfriend, in
freshman year of high school. It lasted all of three months. We never got past
second base. I work at a chain store where I’m just a faceless shelf-stacker
drone in a blue waistcoat. At college I have friends, sure, but I’m kinda like
the tag-along to an existing friendship group of guys, and boy don’t I know it.
They’re welcoming, sure, they’re really nice to me, but it’s painfully obvious
that I’m not really one of them, y’know? I think they assume I have other
friends outside of their group, but well, offline anyway, I don’t.

I came to college, I wanted to present myself as this cool kid, a smooth and
seductive ladies’ man who was a little dark and mysterious. I know, I know, I
sound like a pipe dream douche. And I am. Was. The fact I can barely talk to
girls without stammering and making an ass of myself kinda put paid to my
plans. Hey, at least I acknowledge it now.

buddies joke that I’m just sexually frustrated and need to get laid, but it
isn’t that, honestly. At least, not just that. I mean sure, I do want to, but I
dunno, I’m a dreamer and a hopeless romantic I guess, I want to meet a girl
who’s like my best friend, but we also get up to bedroom stuff. Y’know? Someone
I can be equally comfortable nerding out over gunpla with as I can, well. You
get it.

So yeah,
I’m lonely. Which maybe explains why I paid more attention than I should’ve
when I got a message on here with the subject ‘Come flirt in my PMs ;)’. The
username was (redacted), someone I’d never seen around
here before so before clicking I assumed they were a spam-bot or something. Not
so. They’d posted a bunch of comments and even a couple stories over the months, just the usual stuff. So I read the PM.

seen you round (my username), you make me laugh. Tbh I’m kinda hot for you.’

wrote back: ‘Haha, orly?You a chick? Kinda only into chicks.’

‘Haha, yeah, don’t worry (my actual name).’

as much as I crave female attention, I kiiiinda did want to know what I was
getting myself in for.

‘Prove it ;)’

replied with an imgur link to a picture of a chick who I could only describe as
smoking hot. Petite, short dark hair, a cute cutoff shirt, black denim cutoff
shorts, converse…

‘Wow. How’d I know that’s really you tho? ;)’

replied again, this time with a picture of herself doing the AMA thing people
do, holding up a sign saying the date and time and stuff so I knew the photo
was taken just then. She had different clothes on, but it was most definitely

‘u kno what I look like?’ – I have a Twitter and an Instagram that aren’t too
hard to find, so it wouldn’t be weird if she

‘Yeah. 😉 You’re a cutie.’

(blushing furiously IRL): ‘So uh, you said something about flirting in your
PMs? ;)’

is exactly what we then proceeded to do. For 3 hours. Nothing hot and heavy,
just light flirting while we got to know each other better. As per her
username, her real name was Cass. We talked about some of our favorite stories
and authors on here, then shared our love of horror in general. She told me she
was a biology major at a college a few hours away from me. Said she’d had a
crush on me for a while. From
my in-character comments online. I know. I should’ve seen something coming,
right? But the blood had gone to my, well, y’know, and I figured if she was
this keen to flirt, it wouldn’t be long before we took that a bit further.

like to see more of you ;)’
 I said, trying to push my luck.

 She replied. ‘Well maybe you’ll get lucky. G2G for tonight though! Ciao!

tease. I loved it.

didn’t hear from her for a couple days. I didn’t wanna bug her, I’m shy after
all. Figured if she wanted to talk to me, she would. As the time went on though
I felt kinda dejected. She’d probably realized what a massive dork I was.

not. On Thursday I got another PM from her.

sorry it’s been a couple days, how you doing (my name)?’

I told
her I was good, filled her in on some of the boring developments in my personal
life that we’d talked about previously. I wish I’d been more attentive. Wish
I’d asked her more about herself. But she was the first person in a while who
seemed genuinely interested in hearing about me, and I got kinda caught up in

back now, I should’ve realized it was strange how she contacted me, how she
never asked if I had a partner, never tried to find out if I was in a position
to want to
flirt. It’s not like I talked about that stuff on Twitter or Reddit. But it was
like she knew, like she knew I was lonely and the role she had to take.

sad tonight,’
she said in one PM. 

I asked her why. 

‘Because I’m all alone and I
think I look hot as hell and there’s nobody to appreciate it. ;)’

I’m not oblivious enough to miss that obvious opening. ‘Lemme see,’ I said.
‘I’ll appreciate it!’

sent me an imgur link to a gallery of pictures of her. Christ, she was
adorable. In one of them she had her tongue out, making rabbit ears with her
fingers. In another she was toying with the hem of her baggy t-shirt, pulling
it up to show flesh, the waistband of her shorts tantalizingly low on her
smooth pale stomach.

like what you see?’
She asked, when I replied with just ‘wow’.

like to see more,’
I said. My palms were shaking and my mouth was dry. I know
it makes me a massive dork but the idea of seeing this chick naked was making
me actually dizzy.

can be arranged ;)’
she said.

replied saying I’d like that. Then, nothing. Ten, twenty minutes, and I sighed
with disappointment. Finally the little message icon showed up orange and I
couldn’t click that damn thing fast enough. Inside was a URL to an IP address,
and the words ‘I’ll go on cam for you’.

clicked that link so hard I almost broke my mouse. It took me to some private
webcam interface with a text chat. I could see her standing there; at least, I
thought it was her. Her face was out of shot. I felt disappointed for a moment,
thinking she was pranking me and it was just gonna be a video, but then she
bent down and looked at the camera and it was her. I saw her typing, then text
appeared in the box.

ready for a show?’
She asked.

yes I was.

My mouse
cursor hovered over Bandicam. Every thought in my mind was screaming at me to
record this shit for, uh, later reference, but my conscience was saying it was
a breach of trust. Christ, I wish I had. Maybe then I’d have some kind of
proof, not just for you guys but for myself.
Something to convince me I’m not going crazy.

started off exactly what you’d expect from a striptease. She danced around in
baggy shirt and gym shorts, gyrating her hips and seductively running her
fingers over her mouth, down her body. There was no sound, but I could tell she
was dancing to music. Her rhythm was perfect.

she slid her t-shirt off, I audibly gasped. Perfect breasts covered by a black
lacy bra, her skin pale and creamy. ‘Take the bra off!’ I typed into chat, then
‘lol’. Cass leaned down into the camera again, kissed the tip of her index
finger and pointed it towards the camera. Then she pointed at her bra and
raised her eyebrows.

took it off. She was perfect.

more off!’
I said. She teased me with her shorts for a while, sliding them up
and down, before letting them fall and kicking them away gracefully.

off plz’
I said, marvelling at the black thong that clung to her hips.

a little teasing, Cass obliged. I was, uh, well, worked up to say the least. I
didn’t even type in chat, just watched her mesmerizing naked body as she
gyrated for me. I felt like I was floating in a dream. How had I met someone
like this randomly?

only jolted out of my reverie when I saw Cass leaning over the keyboard. I
watched her breasts as they hung tantalizingly towards the camera. I was
enjoying the view so much that I barely even noticed she’d typed something into

she’d typed.

had… no idea what she meant. She was very very stark naked. I wondered if she’d
meant did I want her to do more sexual stuff. Of course, I did. Or maybe it was
a joke.

I wrote.

angled the camera up, disappointingly hiding her legs and crotch, but giving me
a good view of her chest and face. She waved, and like a doofus I waved back,
even knowing she couldn’t see me.

she reached her hands for her mouth, I wasn’t entirely sure what she was going
to do. Even as she hooked her fingers on either side of her lips, I hadn’t
fully grasped it.

began to stretch her mouth. I saw the muscles in her arms tensing as she
applied strength and force to the gesture.

are you doing?’
I typed in alarm.

saw her lips pull back over her teeth. I watched in horror as her skin ruckled
and creased, her cheeks sliding backwards over her skull. I could only sit
there, my mouth open wide in horror as she peeled the entire flesh from her
face, yanking and tearing and jerking as muscle and sinew separated from flesh
and bone. A bloody skull stared back at me. Cass’s beautiful eyes sat spherical
in her sockets, staring straight at the camera. I was transfixed.

could only watch as she grabbed the folds of flesh around her neck and began to
twist and pull. She had to contort her body into all sorts of impossible angles
as she yanked the flesh from her arms. She pulled and stretched to get it over
her shoulders. Her collar bones came into view, then her breast bone, then the
fatty tissue of her perfect breasts. Further, her creamy skin wrinkling and
tearing as she tugged and tugged. Ribcage. Stomach muscles. Hips.

shook the last of her skin from her fingers and stood there in front of me, her
flesh hanging down from her waist like a hideous human skirt. I couldn’t tell
for sure, since her face was destroyed, but it looked like she was smiling.

she blew me a kiss with one hand, she leaned forward and used another to type.

she asked.

don’t know why this snapped me out of my trance, but it did. I simultaneously
smashed my laptop cover down before puking up on the floor beside me. I started
to panic. Should I call the police? Was this some kind of prank? How could it
be? The video had definitely been in real time. There was no way that shit was

finally managed to compose myself enough to open the laptop. The URL for the
webcam feed gave me a page not found error. I headed to Reddit, and saw I had a
new message. Shaking, I clicked the icon.

could’ve just fucking said if you didn’t like how I look,’
Cass had sent me.
The message had arrived two minutes before.

didn’t know what to do or say. It was the middle of the night by this point and
I felt alone, terrified and panicked. I finally mustered up the courage to
message Cass back and ask her what the fuck had happened.

account had been deleted.

I tried
to remember any of the places I’d seen she’d posted. I went to a thread I
recalled her being active in. Her comments were gone, not even showing up as deleted.
I used my browser history to find one of the stories she’d posted, that I’d
clicked on on day one, intending to read later.

was as if it had never existed.

managed to convince myself I’d imagined her. Entirely imagined this girl. I
knew I hadn’t, but that’s what I told myself as I fell asleep that night.

next day, I woke up and went online. In my RSS feed for my local news, there
was a story.

for college girl concludes as body found in Lake Patanawa receives  identification’. 

I read on.

‘The body of Cass Haliman, 21,
has finally been recovered after a two week long search. Ms. Haliman’s body was
found by divers combing Lake Patanawa. The (local county) Police Department
have this morning issued a statement revealing that Ms Haliman has been dead
for thirteen days. Ms. Haliman is reported to have been flayed post-mortem. As
of yet, her skin has not been recovered. The death is being treated as
suspicious. More on this grisly scene as it develops.’

Credits to: halicassThrowaway (story)