Creepypasta #1300: A Dozen Things To Remember At The Carnival

Length: Short

to the Carnival! Just a few things I’d like to go over with you all, before ya
get started enjoying the attractions:

in the maze of mirrors, remember: they can’t get out of the mirrors as long as
you are watching them.

haunted house is currently malfunctioning. We apologize. If you’re invited in
by the smiling man in a top-hat, don’t enter.

using the restrooms after dark, you MUST use the buddy system. If you should
lose your buddy, we insist you take a new one.

the Ferris wheel, it’s the tallest one in the state! But when your car is at
the top of the wheel, only look down (or close your eyes). Several months ago a
pair of occupants reportedly looked out, over the fence that borders the park,
and didn’t like what they saw. They jumped.

Maliakhna is a new attraction here, she’ll read your palm if you’re nice! But
if you- well, just make sure you be nice to her.

sure you visit our “zombie shooting gallery”, where you can win
various prizes! Don’t go crazy on the ammo, though. We can’t let inventory get
too low, just in case.

notice multiple cans grouped together near all trash receptacles. Please be
advised: the green can is for plastics, the brown is for general waste, the
black is for glass, and the white cans should remain sealed at all times.

“leprechaun” who can guess your weight is a real hoot! However, if he
asks your kids to join him in the photo tent, make sure and decline his

merry-go-round is an old classic, the children always love it. Just remember,
they can’t stay on the ride forever – no matter how attached they get.

know you all want the best seats for Mr. Mysterioso’s Magic Act, but just a
heads up: do not arrive more than 15 minutes before a show starts, unless
you’re volunteering for cleanup duty.

at the Carnival, we currently have no clowns on staff. With that in mind, we
aren’t responsible if some turn up in your family photos.

take advantage of the bottled water for sale throughout the park. Our drinking
fountains aren’t advisable to use, as there’s a small possibility that water
from the neighboring waterpark has been leeching through to our wells.

Have a super duper day, and bring your
friends next time!

Credits to: lukkynumber (story)