Hey, when you repost original stories without the authors permission, could you at least have the decency credit them properly?? Adding my reddit username at the bottom without saying it’s a reddit username is pretty useless. Also ASK BEFORE REPOSTING, IT’S REALLY NOT THAT HARD.

Ah I need to clarify – are you referring to my more recent postings which have got attached links to the author’s page? If yea then I think the attached links should suffice. If you’re referring to the older postings with only just the Reddit username however, then I do genuinely apologise for that. I’d only started adding the links after hundreds of stories in and so it’s not feasible for me to backtrack and add the links to the older stories. Feel free to message me though with the title of your story and I’ll add in the required links!

And as for the asking before reposting, I do try to make an effort to do so along the way but most of the time I simply cannot afford the time to do so. The time I dedicate to this blog is pretty much taken up by sourcing stories and doing minor formatting and language edits whereever necessary. Having to take the extra time to message and then wait for and keep track of replies simply isn’t possible for me thus far. Obviously I know that this isn’t ideal and nor am I using this as a excuse for this being right (it’s not, I know) but I’ve got to work around with the time I can spend on here.