Creepypasta #1307: Bus 330

Length: Short

November 14, 1995, Beijing. It was near midnight and the
weather was unusually cold. The last bus of the day was slowly moving across
the outskirts of the town. Since it was the last bus, only few people were on

As the bus
turned a corner, the driver saw two men waving under a lone street light. Oddly
enough, the driver was not expecting any more passengers in this middle of
nowhere. Nevertheless, he let them on. 

In fact it was three people. 2 were
wearing traditional Chinese robes that have long gone out of fashion, and they
were carrying a man with absurdly long and messy hair, with his face looking
down. The three sat at the back seat of the bus, and the passengers were
frightened. But the driver tried to calm the passengers by saying they were
probably movie actors who had drunk too much and forgot to change, and everyone
took his word.

except an old lady, who constantly looked back at the three men with suspicion
and fears in her eyes. As the bus approached the next stop, the old lady
suddenly stood up and frantically started to accuse the young man behind her for
stealing her wallet. The young man was confused and everyone tried to calm the
situation. But the old lady was stubborn, and forcefully dragged the young man
down the bus, claiming that she was taking him to the police station not far from here. 

After they got out the bus, the young man, furious that he missed the last bus
of the day, was about to throw a fit with the old lady, but saw that the
expression of the old lady had suddenly turned calm and relieved.

man, I just saved your life. Those three men back there, they aren’t humans.
When I looked at them, a wind from the window blew over their robes, and they
don’t have any legs at all!”

The next day, the bus company reported that bus 330 never
returned. Four days later, the bus was found hundreds of kilometers from
Beijing, with 4 severely decayed bodies inside. How the bus got there, and how
the bodies were so severely decayed in such short amount of time, no one knows.

Credits to: TheQinDynasty (story)