Creepypasta #708: A Boy And His Powers


Story length: Medium

noticed at a very young age that I had this power. It started by finding a dead
bird. I cradled the little thing and as I wished for it to come back, I felt a heat
well up inside me and the bird flew away. 

I would discretely do the same thing
for the family dog, and then again when my little sister’s beloved turtle
stopped moving. It was hard to keep it a secret as pets were miraculously
recovering, but I thought of myself as a sort of super hero and never told a

When I was 11, my little sister caught
a terrible disease. Her organs began failing, she basically was immobile and
could only scream in pain. The doctor’s were stumped, and the family was
devastated as we were forced to watch her suffer. 

Finally, there was nothing
more we could do but bring her home and try to make her as comfortable as
possible. I wasn’t sure if I could use my powers on a person but I sure as hell
wanted to try. It was late at night when her fate finally came. 

I snuck in and
laid my little hands on her stiff body. I felt the heat, my own tears, and then
little sis opened her eyes! I was about to scream for joy when she locked eyes
with mine and whispered, “It was mum.”

I heard my
mother enter the room, and close and lock the door behind her.

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