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The Real Files that Inspired a Horror Movie

Veronica is a spanish horror film recently added to Netflix that’s been called by some as one of the scariest movies ever made. It’s directed by Paco Plaza, the same guy who made [Rec] and it’s the story of a girl who stars being haunted by a supernatural force after playing with a ouija board.

I’m sure you’re thinking you’ve heard that story many times before. But this one is actually based on real events, a mysterious case that’s become known as the Vallecas Files and it’s baffled police and scientists in Spain for over two decades.

In 1990, an 18 year old girl called Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro from Vallecas, Spain, got into occultism and started experimenting with an Ouija board. In early 1991, Estefanía and her friends tried to do a seance at school, but they were discovered by a teacher, who broke the Ouija board.

According to the friends at the scene, when the board was broken they saw some strange smoke go into Estefanía’s nostrils. You can believe that or not, but what’s true is that soon after, and for the next several months, Estefanía started showing increasingly strange behavior. According to her family, she started having rage fits, seizures and hallucinations, and even though they took her to several doctors, no one could find anything physically wrong with her. Eventually, Estefanía died in August 1991 from a “sudden asphyxia” that was never properly explained.

Of course, this could all be the rumor mill that blew up the story way out of proportion. Maybe Estefanía had a heart condition or a mental illness that her family was unaware of, or they just didn’t report so the story would remain mysterious. But what makes this case stand out is that there’s an actual police report detailing odd things happening at Estefanías house after her death.

In November 1992, a group of cops led by Inspector José Pedro Negri arrived at the Gutiérrez house in Vallecas after being called in the middle of the night. Estefanía’s family reported crucifixes moving by themselves and a dark figure watching them from the hall. Once there, the policemen certified that indeed there were some strange things happening.

The report, that became known as the Vallecas Files, mentions among other things them hearing and watching a closet door opening suddenly, loud noises where nowhere was and the appearance of a strange brown stain that was later determined to be slime. They also saw a cruxifix in which Christ had been torn apart from the cross and a poster with a big scratch tearing it up.

Although there’s endless speculation about what could have caused the strange events at the González house and Estefanía’s death, this allegedly still remains as the only case with paranormal undertones withing the files of the Spanish police.