Creepypasta #1422: The Lighthouse

Length: Short

It was a stormy night in a small boat that led me to that
island. When I crashed on the shore of this little rock, I took a look around
for shelter. I happened to find a lighthouse.

I dragged
myself through the rain and rapped my fist against the door. A few thumps and
an eerie creak came in response, with a man peering through the now open door.
He was old and wizened, his face full of white whiskers. He eyed me wearily,
then reluctantly let me in.

I thanked him
for lending me shelter then found a small chair to sit in. I sat there in
silence for some time, before a thought occurred to me.

“I’ll need to
repair my boat in the morning. To get back to the mainland.”


“Yes. My boat
crashed and I will need to fi-”

“Why do you
need to repair the boat?” He asked.

I stopped,
then laughed nervously. “I need to get back to the-”

“I have a
perfectly good boat. It will get you to where you need to go.”

I paused,
surprised. “Well… Thank you for offering.”

“Don’t thank
me.” he said. Though he didn’t say why I shouldn’t.

There was
another silence. I finally got enough courage to ask my burning question.

“Sir. May I
ask what a lighthouse is doing out here? It’s so far from any settlement.”

He looked at
me again. The same confusion as before. This time his voice having a small measure
of sympathy. This unsettled me more than anything else.

“First. Let
me ask, why you are here? What are you doing here?”

I moved to
answer, but then stopped. It was as though I had forgotten everything before I
had crashed.

“I came here…
accidentally. There was a-”

That’s not really possible.” He responded curtly. “You see, I get a very morose
lot who come here. Some are miserable, others feel some measure of relief, some
are more than a little unstable. But I’ve never seen anyone so delusional and
in denial. You do know where you are right?”

I tried to
answer again, but couldn’t. There was a pause, and then I think it dawned on

“This is the
edge son. The edge of life. You came here to die.”

I choked out
a protest which died in my throat. “But-!” I said, then I remembered. “Oh god.
Eliza.” Tears welled in my eyes. I remembered Eiiza. Funny that I had managed
to forget her just as I was about to finally try and join her.

There was a
rapping on the door. I fell silent. I asked who it was, but I already knew the
answer. The door opened, and I turned to see a man in black robes. Seeing him
did not fill me with fear as I had always thought it would, but with the relief
of seeing an old friend.

“It’s going to be fine son. You will see Eliza again.”

Credits to: Charmera (story)