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parents have returned home and both the police and my neighbors haven’t seen
the man ever since I left. I’ve been on the road for the past few days and I
just want to stop running. My parents informed me that they got a hold of a
revolver now and all I want to do is just go home, sleep in my own bed, and be
done with this madness.

starting to think that all of this has all just been in my head. The guy hasn’t
made any notable appearances in my life since that night and maybe that video
he sent was just from the first two nights I saw him. I don’t know. I guess
that’s been the problem ever since the start of this is that I have just been
over reacting to this whole phenomenon. Maybe this guy is just some deranged
burglar, maybe he came to my house thinking I was somebody else, I don’t know
for sure.

and I have been on and off the road, only stopping to get food or to piss. A
lot of comments have been telling me to either stop using Reddit and to stake
it out and confront the man myself. I’ve come to realize that I have been
making a poor choice documenting everything that has happened on Reddit; God only knows if this man has been using it to his advantage. But more importantly
I’ve been hiding and running away from him all this time. I thought was finally
time I confront him myself. Now I am not going to make an effort to contact him
or find him, but If he decides he wants to come and attack my house, my family,
and myself, then he will finally meet his maker.

I thought a good start would be to pay the 7/11 guy a visit today, and we
decided to confront him. I just needed to be sure that it wasn’t him. We parked
in front of the 7/11 at about 8 at night, about 3 hours ago. This is the
conversation we had to the best of my memory.

Is this the guy?

Yea this is him, lets just go in and ask him a few questions. We just need to
scare him a little and see how he responds.

took his pistol from the backseat and put it in his holster.

Dude is that necessary? Look man we aren’t even sure if this is the guy we
can’t just pull a gun on him and make him shit himself.

Just taking some precaution is all, and if this is the guy then we gotta be

with that Tom got out of his car and started walking in as I followed.

soon as we walked in he asked-

Hey boys how are we doing today?

both gave him a stern look so he responded-

Hey guys come on what’s sour mood?

looked at Tom and he looked back at the cashier and asked-

Lovely day isn’t it?

could see that the guy was getting visibly nervous and began to sweat a little.

Hey man I couldn’t help but notice that gun in your holster, pretty nice gun
that’s an m1911 colt right? My dad had one of those.

didn’t break eye contact.

Yea I would say it’s a pretty nice day isn’t it. How’s your day going well?

went directly in front of the counter and got face to face with him.

Hey can ask you something?

could see the cashier swallowing and he coughed-

Uh yea sure what is it?

Do you drive here to work by any chance?

Oh uh haha negatory my friend drops me off.

looked at Tom and he looked back at the guy.

You best not being lying to us.

cashier broke-

Look guys, I don’t want any trouble, if you are here to rob the place that
doesn’t concern me, I’m just a guy who works here alright just take the money
and go if that’s what you want.

We aren’t here to rob anything, just asking a couple questions if that’s
alright with you.

folded his arms and said,

Sure ask whatever you need what’s up?

When does your shift end?

Oh usually around 3 in the morning. Hey what’s all this about boys are you guys
undercover cops or something?

Have you seen a gray Volkswagen in the past couple nights you’ve been working

Actually I did, the night before you came in there was a guy who came in after
you the other night.

Did he buy anything?

Yea he bought some cigarettes and dipping tobacco. He didn’t say much but he
said he had a long night ahead of him.

I take it he gave you I.D.?

Yea he did.

What was his name do you remember?

I think it was Nathan Silverstein or something like that.

Nick Sullivan?

Shit I’m pretty sure that was his name, what’s it to you by the way?

Can we see your I.D. for a second?

showed us his I.D. and this guy seemed to be completely innocent.

Alright man thank for your time, the police might come later to ask for your
camera feed from that night but I appreciate your help.

left and that was the end of it. Finally after all these days of running we
finally got a decent lead on this guy. We called the police and they are
currently going over the tapes. This was an amazing feeling now that we will
finally have a good lead on this guy now. I can finally go home.

has been such a good friend the past couple days. He has stuck with me through
thick and thin even through these rough times, and I am eternally grateful for
what he has done for me in this time of need. After a long day of traveling he
told me that his girlfriend has been awfully worried about him, and this made
me feel even worse about the situation. Finally told him that we needed to part
ways, and that I wanted him to go home and rest and that I apologized for
putting him in danger. 

He told me not to sweat it and that it was a pretty
exciting experience for him despite it maybe putting our lives in jeopardy. I
gave him some money to help him with his troubles. He is going to his
girlfriend’s house he said and he will be staying there for a while until this
gets completely sorted out.

more running, no more fear, no more stalking. I am finally done with this guys.
I can’t wait to go home, see my family, and be safe and sound in my home again.
I want to thank you all for your support through these past few days. It has
really meant a lot.

some point I got texts from my parents saying it was safe to come home. When I
called them everything sounded normal. However my Mom sounded somewhat worried
and flustered about the whole situation when my dad put her on the phone. I
asked her what was wrong and she had simply told me “I’m just under a lot of
stress” and followed it by “Just come home please we miss you”. I feel really
sorry for them, I don’t know why but I somewhat blame myself for all this shit
happening. If they haven’t seen the stalker at all, then this must have to do
with me and me alone. I must have done something to cause this man to torment
my family.

we speak Tom has just left back home and I am finishing this last update at
starbucks. I’ll call an uber and I’ll finally be home. If the guy gets caught
I’ll link you guys to a news article or something but this is the final update.

you all for the advice and enthusiasm. Peace.

12:12 am: 

Just came home and there aren’t any cars in my driveway. I’m a little
worried. Calling my parents.

12:14 am: 

Alright no answer from my parents. Gonna try the garage code now.

12:16 am: 

Welp my parents must have changed the garage code or something. I’m
banging on the door and no one is fucking answering.

12:18 am: 

Jesus it’s fucking cold haha.

12:21 am: 

Alright well lights are turning on in my bedroom so they are
obviously home.

12:24 am: 

Have a nice day everyone!

12:34 am: 

LOL guys I’m just kidding ya’ll need to chill.

12:35 am: 

More updates to come guys lots and lots of updates.

12:38 am: 


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