Creepypasta #1454: Don’t Whistle Back

Length: Long

Okay so, something strange happened
and I need to tell someone about it. Just in case something happens again, you
know? It’s probably nothing or just some prankster kid but it creeped me out.

night I was packing up in the bedroom while my girlfriend made dinner. She has
this really awesome chicken Alfredo and wanted to cook it one more time before
we moved out. Our lease was up and we were glad to be finally moving into the
newly purchased house I’m writing this from. I had a podcast playing on my
phone as I packed, just listening to the sounds of people arguing about video
games. But because because the apartment was directly above a laundry room, the
bedroom was usually pretty warm thanks to all those dryers. 

With all the moving
and sweating plus this heat, I wanted to keep the window open. Unfortunately
we’ve had all sorts of weird noises going on ever since we lived here but I’ve
learned to deal with most of them. We live in a downtown neighborhood of a
pretty decent city in Colorado so it isn’t fantastic but it isn’t terrible and
the rent is high but we also have covered parking and a semi-working
dishwasher. Plus, ten minutes from work!

noises. There’s a guy who seems to honk his horn, I’m guessing to alert a
friend inside another apartment? There are several on this street, but he just
honks the horn ten, twenty times over the course of a few minutes. Like someone
clicking the key fob to lock their car door, that kind of honk. Just every few
seconds, somewhere nearby, HONK. Really sucks when you’re trying to sleep at
midnight but at least it never lasts long.

were in a no pets apartment but clearly people weren’t listening to that rule.
Someone had birds based on the amount of chirping we could hear. On the
weekends I think someone let a dog roam around their balcony, we could hear it
whimpering and barking from somewhere above us at every car that passed.

a school nearby so we found kids getting high and blasting the stereo in our
tiny parking lot to be a big problem too. We were pretty close to the ground
and that stuff made our whole apartment shake along with the bass. We could
also hear every announcer of every sporting event or gathering the school ever
had on their field thanks to their super loud announcement system, usually late
at night.

even a church of some sort nearby that place, the kind that has huge gatherings
and loud celebrations all the time. Great for trying new food and meeting new
people and seeing new stuff, not so great for having a quiet peaceful nap on
the couch. But I’m originally from a bigger city so I actually like the sounds
of traffic and far off sounds of the city. It’s all the unusual unique sounds
that break that peaceful backdrop, you know? I enjoy being around people, even
if I don’t really like to talk to them. Knowing that city life is happening
nearby and that humanity is there if you need it is comforting I think, even if
maybe a bit unrealistic.

then, there’s the whistler. Every few seconds I would hear a whistle. A short
burst, just two notes? One lower and one higher, but both pretty high because
of you know, whistling. This guy just would not stop. I kept picturing the
whistler as a guy calling for his dog, walking around holding an empty leash.
It sounded like a pig call, that sooie sound like you imagine a farmer yelling?
But it was happening over and over, for ten minutes or more. Seriously, it was
aggravating and loud. Maybe a few blocks away? Hard to tell, but even my pretty
decent phone speaker was getting whistled out by this guy.

I admit that maybe I’m a jerk for this because I realized later that maybe it
was just a guy calling for his dog or something. It was dark out already and
how would I know? I really should have thought of that earlier, maybe I could
have avoided this whole thing.

anyway, I whistled back at him. I just repeated the same whistle. I’m pretty
good at whistling, I can do the whole Andy Griffith theme but I can’t do that
thing where you whistle with your fingers. But when I whistled, the other
whistling stopped, immediately. It kind of surprised me and everything got kind
of still. My podcast was still rolling but outside the window everything was
quiet and I started to get a little nervous. Maybe just me being anxious but it
was unnerving. 

After a beat I shrugged and tried to shake it off, I still think
I’m being kinda silly, it’s probably just me being paranoid and exhausted from
all the packing. I turned away from the window and heard the whistle again,
except this time it sounded closer? It was definitely louder. I jumped, I admit
it. I wasn’t expecting it and the whole vibe was creeping me out. The podcast
wasn’t really helping either, usually that kind of distraction is great for my
overactive imagination.

turned back to the window and the door to the bedroom opened from behind me and
I jumped again. My girlfriend laughed at me as I yelped and she just said
“dinner’s ready!” and then mocked me for jumping. I was unsettled, okay? It was

During dinner I told her about the weird whistling I had been
hearing and why she had made me jump when she opened the door. She told me she
had heard that guy before and had also whistled back, but hadn’t heard him get
near or anything. “I’ve seen a lot of missing dog posters up and we saw the
guy putting them up, he was whistling and calling for his dog near where I
work, so maybe it’s that same guy looking for his dog around here?”

works in the next town over and drives a half hour every day so this seemed
pretty unlikely to me but I had seen a lot of this guy’s posters. I hope he
finds his dog, he must really love it to drive all over and print up that many
flyers I thought.

dinner we got back to the bedroom and moved enough boxes out of the way to go
to sleep but we heard the whistling again. It sounded just as far as it had
been originally and was going the same speed, short two tone whistle, a few
seconds, again, repeat. Assuming it started up again after I heard it last, the
guy must have been whistling like that for over an hour. It wasn’t exactly 3
seconds apart or anything, just relatively close together, and every so often
just a beat long enough that maybe you thought it stopped before you heard it

After a few minutes of the whistling my girlfriend rolled over and said
something very detailed about doing serious harm to whoever was doing all the
whistling and making her lose sleep and we tried whistling back at it again. I
know, you’re thinking we’re crazy but I didn’t know, okay? I just figured it
was some kid playing some game with a friend or some guy looking for a dog way
late at night. They didn’t seem to be moving around much so a kid seemed likely
to me. My girlfriend and I were joking around and I was full of Alfredo and
enjoying her smile, so we laughed and whistled back. 

After a moment it whistled
back again, just once, and louder. I remember an uneasy feeling in my stomach but we laughed in surprise and whistled again, mine coming out as
a sloppy raspberry thanks to all the laughing. Again after a beat the whistling
got closer. It might have been just a block away, on the other side of our
apartment building. We had no idea what direction it was coming from but I
guessed maybe I could see the whistler from the window if I looked, though I
had no inclination to go to the window while snug in bed.

whistling getting so much closer seemed to have finally made my girlfriend feel
a bit paranoid. She frowned and said that we should probably stop and I agreed,
the whole thing gave me that uneasy feeling. Maybe I just have problems with
anxiety, worrying about nothing, I thought. But then we heard the whistle
again, still closer and louder, but shorter this time? More impatient? The
picture of a red faced bald man carrying an empty leash whistling back and
expecting a response, frustrated and whistling angrily again kept coming to
mind. There were three or four more whistles at that speed and then silence.
After a minute I felt my girlfriend relax and I felt sleep creep up on me too.

then there was a banging noise from our living room. It’s a one bedroom
apartment so I hopped out of bed and peeked into the living room. We don’t have
any weapons or anything but we also don’t live on the ground floor and have a
bunch of locks on our front door so I was assuming something fell over, not
that we had a burglar or anything like that. 

Everything seemed fine and my
girlfriend came out of the bedroom with me. The door chain was still in place
and the porch door was still locked and closed. The lights were all out but one
window on a wall perpendicular to the door had the curtain pulled back to let
in enough light to see around our couch and TV which were also still standing
and unmarred.

we heard the whistle again. That same two tone sooie noise, coming from outside
our door. We are in one of those apartments where the stairs and entrances are
outside so we can walk straight up to our door, there’s no outside entry or
hallway outside the door or anything and the staircase is pretty echoey. I
can’t be sure it was right outside our door but it sounded like it to me, it
was loud enough that it sounded like someone was standing right there. The
whistle shrilled three times, impatient and angry, that picture of the furious
bald man with spittle flying from the corners of his mouth with squinting dark
eyes filling my mind. The door BANGED and the door chain rattled, my girlfriend
jumped and grabbed my shoulder, squeezing my hand tight but not moving or
making a sound. 

I squeezed back and felt something clench my gut with terror
and rooting me to the floor. The whistle kept going in bursts of three or four
for a few minutes before it stopped completely. We risked a look at each other
and heard it again after about a minute, somewhere else nearby, still coming in
a burst of three, still sounding angry, but much farther away. After a second I
opened my dumb mouth to ask my girlfriend something that I don’t even remember
now. After one word the door banged again and the whistling happened again,
this time it was loud. So loud I winced, the chain on the door rattled and
vibrated and something pounded on the door. 

Each angry loud whistle was
accompanied by a bang of something hitting the door hard. We stood there for a
long time, not moving and not saying anything, just clutching hands together
very tightly.

honestly don’t know how long we stood there, I didn’t check afterwards. But we
heard the whistling again, farther off again, sounding more like it had the
first time I heard it. There was one more single whistle and then a few minutes
later they started up again like they had, just constant, one every few
seconds. Except the two tones blended together now, each time the whistle
happened it got a little longer and a little lower, stretching into one long
droning note. 

I made sure the door locks were still in place and we crept back
to bed, crawled under the covers, and didn’t say a word until we woke up the
next morning. By the time we fell asleep the whistle sounded like one low
unbroken note and I wondered if maybe it had just been the wind.

today, we moved! Just across town but now I’m a bit farther from my job,
girlfriend is closer to her job, and we live in a much nicer place. Things have
been crazy hectic around here but we managed to get the bed setup right before
the air conditioning died. The rest of the unpacking has been done with open
windows of course because a breeze is necessary around here. But it’s nighttime
now and my girlfriend is sleeping beside me and the window is still open. 

Before I started writing this I googled the guy looking for his dog? There are
reports that he’s been missing for a day or two but I found his Facebook page
and it does seem like he really loved his dog.

been getting pretty late and the peaceful sounds of the wind out the window
have been making me drowsy. But a second ago when I went to close my laptop and
turn in for the night, I could have sworn I heard that whistle again, coming
from somewhere in the house. I jumped a little, like when you see a coat draped
over a chair in the dark and think it’s a person. 

After a moment reason took
hold and pushed away my paranoia. It’s late and the wind has been going all day
and we’re in a brand new house with brand new noises. I’m exhausted from moving
all day.

It’s probably nothing.

Credits to: sniperguygaming (story)