Creepypasta #1487: I Found My Brother’s Diary

Length: Short


May 30th 2015

journal. I dont wanna call you a diary or else the kids at school will make fun
of me. And I dont want them to do that. Its allmost summer and I cant wait. I
cant even beleive Im almost done with second grade. Im so old! Soon Im going to
be 30 and being an astronot. I cant wait for summer. I mean Mr. Riley is cool
and he gives me candy but I dont want to stay in his class forever!

and Luke are going to play all summer it will be so fun. We are gunna play
video games and monopoloy, monopoloy is my favorite bored game. We are gunna go
to the beach and the zoo and the park. Luke is my bestest friend and Im so glad
I have him. Nobody else at school really wants to play with me. Except for
Sidney but she only laffs the whole time! Some times she pushes me and laffs .
Im never sure whats so funny but i laff to becus shes laffing! I like to laff.

have to go now. Ill talk to you later!

June 2nd, 2015

I forget to write some times. I have been busy. Me and Luke have been playing.
Im so glad I have someone to play with. Last year I had to play with
immaginarey friends, since I didnt have Luke. Luke just moved here this school
year. Nobody else had immaginarey friends anymore accept for me so it was kinda

now I have someone. I have Luke!! Hes so nice to me and Im so happy to have

June 4th, 2015

I keep forgeting!!!! I will try to talk to you every day now. Yesterday Luke
and I were playing and then he holded my hand. I liked it. I saw big kids at
school and out at the store holding hands befour but I had never ever done it.
I like Luke a lot.

June 5th, 2015

at the dinner table daddy was talking abowt gay mareige. He doesnt like it. He
said all kweers should dye. I dont know what a kweer is but they must be bad.

just asked mommy what a kweer is and she said a gay. I dont know what a gay is
eether but i will ask Luke tommorow may be he will know.

June 6th, 2015

kissed me!!! I asked him what a gay is and he kissed me and said thats what a
gay is!! I was scared at first he scared me but then I was happy I liked it and
then I was scared because I liked it. I dont want daddy to hate me. I have to
talk to him and tell him gay is ok. Luke told me not to do that and it would be
bad. I dont want to listen to Luke tho I want to tell daddy that I did a gay.

June 8th, 2015

told daddy. He yelled at me and took me up to my room. I started crying. He
said I will give you some thing to cry about.He yelled at me moore and told me
it was bad. He beat me up a lot. Worse than the kids at school. I cant reelly
feel my left hand but Im write handed so its ok. My eyes are both swoolen,
thats what mommy said.

was crying to. I dont know why. Daddy didnt give her something to cry about.

June 9th, 2015

told Luke I told daddy. He got mad at me to. But he didnt beat me up. He asked
if I told daddy about him. I said no and Luke was happy again. I like when Luke
is happy. I dont reelly like beeing at home write now. I told Luke that and he
said he could help me. Im happy.

June 12th, 2015

I forget again. I have been busy playing with Luke. He made a plan. We are
going to leave and then daddy wont beat me up again. Luke is xsited for this
plan and me to. I dont want daddy to beat me up again. It hurts a lot. I think
Im going to have to leave you behind journal. Thanks for allways beeing there
for me just like Luke is.

June 15th, 2015

brother Andrew saw me with Luke yesterday. He told me to stop playing with him.
I think Andrew doesnt like kweers eether. Thats ok I will be a way with Luke


this made my heart, first swell as I learned about his cute boyfriend, and then
break as I learned what my father had done to him. It finally sank as I
realized his cute boyfriend had been the 40 year old man I had told him to stay
away from. My brother has been missing since June 17th, 2015, and presumed dead
on August 23rd, 2015.

I do not think he is dead. If you find
a suspicious 40-looking year-old man in the Miami area with an 11 year old boy,
he responds to the name of ‘Brandon’. Please help find him, police have stopped
working with me, since it has been so long. It also might not help that I am a
16 year old boy, so I am not the most reliable source. But please. I miss him
so much, and if you were me, you would want your brother back, too.

Credits to: healthyear (story)