Creepypasta #1489: Room 211

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am an atheist. I place no stock in religion, ghosts, demons, spirits, souls,
anything of the sort. I find it to be bunk, the epitome of human stupidity. I
have seen strange things happen on occasion… we all have. Most are petty,
easily explained, and just amusing. This was anything but. This was the first
time I have ever actually experienced something that I simply cannot explain.

happened last night. As I sit here (It’s 10am the morning after the situation),
I find it hard to focus on typing. All I can focus on is trying to figure out
how and why this happened as it did.

a little general info. I work at a hotel. It’s a part of a global chain. The
hotel is not beautiful, but nor is it a slum… We are a 3 star hotel. I work
overnight 4 to 5 nights a week, from 11pm till 7am. During this time, I am the
only employee on the property. My nights are pretty dull. In a given night,
there is usually only about two hours’ worth of actual work. I spend most of
the night binge-watching Rick and Morty or South Park, or whatever. I walk all
three floors a couple of times a night, and I make breakfast in the morning at
5, which is most of my actual work. Other than that, I’m just there in case
someone checks in late or has a problem.

night was a very quiet night. Only 15 of our 85 rooms were occupied, so I was
planning for an easy, relaxing night. Until about 12:30, it was just that. I
hardly saw a person.

12:30am, the phone rang at the desk. I paused my show (South Park) and
answered, glancing at the phone first to see if it was a guest room, or an
outside line. Which one it was would dictate what I say. The display read RM
209, so I said, “front desk, this is Sean.” The conversation went as

Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m in room 209, and the woman next door to me
is being very loud. I cant sleep and I have to get up in 4 hours.

I apologize, miss. I’ll give the room a call, and if they don’t answer, I’ll
come upstairs and knock on their door and ask them to quiet down. Which side of
you is she on?

Hold on.

I heard her set the phone down, then I heard a door open. A few seconds later
the door shut. Then she picked up the phone again.


Yes, I’m still here.

If I look out the door, it is the room on my left, which is 211.

Ok, I’m sorry. I’ll get it sorted out.

Thank you. Good night.

hung up the phone, picked it back up, and dialed 211. There was no answer. I
looked on the computer to see who was in 211, so I could address her by name
when I knocked. I pulled up the “in house” list and scrolled down, to
discover that Room 211 is supposed to be vacant.

I was annoyed. This was not the first time this has happened. Some people will
switch a guest to a different room, and forget to change it in the system. This
is a problem for obvious reasons… You may send a guest to a room that is
already occupied… Big no no. So it pisses me off when people do this. This
meant that not only did I have to go upstairs and tell her to pipe down, but
now I had to ask her what her last name is so I could find her in the system
and switch her room. Sigh. 

I switched the phone line to the cordless phone, put
the phone in my pocket, put the sign up on the desk that says “front desk
will return shortly” and headed upstairs. I approached the room and
knocked on the door. Nothing. I knocked a little louder. 

desk!” I called through the door. Nothing. Nor could I hear any noise from
inside. Suddenly, the door to 209 opened. The woman who called me poked her
head out, having heard me in the hall knocking and calling. “She stopped
about 2 minutes ago,” she said, “but thank you for coming up.”

she seems to have quieted down now,” I said, “so I guess call me
again if she starts being noisy.”

will.” With that, she shut the door. Her problem was over, for now. Mine,
however, was not. I still had to figure out who was in 211 and correct the
error. I knocked one more time, got no answer, and decided to make a judgement
call and take a chance. I was going to use my master key and open the door. We
would normally not do this, but the facts were that the room was supposed to be
empty, and I myself hadn’t heard anything from the room. So officially, I
decided that the room was to be considered empty. I slipped my keycard into the
slot and watched the light flash green. I turned the knob, half expecting the
door to be deadbolted from the inside, as most guests do this when they are in
for the night. It was not deadbolted, and I swung the door open. 

Then I stood
there for a moment, perplexed. the room was empty. And not in the sense that
the guest had stepped out to go to the vending machine… this room was
untouched, left exactly as the housekeepers left it. I looked around in the
bathroom and closet and was satisfied that the room was vacant. I was weirded
out, but also relieved. The woman had been mistaken and the sound was coming
from somewhere else. No rooms were wrong in the system like I’d thought. I made
a mental note to check room 207, the room on the other side of 209, in the
computer when I got downstairs. It probably came from that room and they had
just finally gone to sleep.

I did not have a chance to check the system. I did not even get a chance to get
down to the first floor. A few seconds after calling the elevator, before it
arrived, the cordless phone rang in my pocket. I took it out, looked at the
little LCD display, and froze.

display said RM 211.

looked back down the hall toward the room, pushing irrational thoughts out of
my head. It was silent in the hotel, save for the ringing phone in my hand.
Nobody had gone in or out of the room, as far as I could tell. ‘Well,’ I
thought, ignoring the uncontrollable sense of dread that was welling up in me,
‘now I can finally get to the bottom of this.’ I answered the phone.

Front desk, this is Sean.

(sounding angry): Did somebody just come into my room?

Uh… Ma’am… What room are you in?

I’m in 211. Somebody opened the door a moment ago walked through the room, and
left. I’m trying to sleep in here! Who was in my room?

is where I really started freaking out. Was somebody messing with me? No… How
could they change the room number as it appears on our phone system? But if
that wasn’t the case, then how was i talking to this woman? I literally could
not think of a reply. I could not think of what to do. Call the police? No…
What would I tell them? That we have a unauthorized guest in the hotel who
called me from a vacant room? And that nobody has actually seen this woman?
Then it hit me. I was still on the second floor. I had this woman on the phone.
All I had to do was keep her on the phone while I walked back to 211. I
couldn’t think of what to say to her, so I just decided to be honest. I slowly
started back toward 209.

Ma’am, we had a complaint about noise from your room, but it looks like an
error was made in the system and your room is listed as vacant. Could you tell
me your last name?

My last name is ______, I’ve been here for 3 nights so far. Why the hell are
people coming into my room?

was sounding more upset now. I was typing her last name on my cellphone so as
not to forget it.)

Well, ma’am, as I said, the room was listed as empty, and we got a complaint
about noise, so I knocked and then went in to investigate, but the room looked

this point, I was only a few steps from 211. I approached the door as the woman
got more upset.

NOISE!? I’ve been asleep for hours, until someone barged int-

point, right there, halfway into what I am sure was going to be “barged
into my room,” was when I knocked on the door. I was listening to her on
the phone, and I reached up and knocked. The moment my hand made contact with
the door, the line got cut off. Immediately, I took out my master key and burst
into the room to find… Nothing. Just an empty room, left in order by the
housekeepers, exactly as it was before. I slammed the door behind me and
frantically searched every corner of the room… Nothing. I searched every
place that a human being could hide, even in the fridge. Nothing. Now I was
very freaked out. I ran out and ran down to the front desk, my heart beating so
hard I could literally HEAR it. The first thing I did was search the system for
the name she gave me. We had no record of anyone ever making a reservation
under that name.

the next couple hours, I was on edge. Just sitting at the desk, glancing around
like a nervous lizard, darting my eyes this way and that. Everything seemed to
move in my peripherals, a symptom of my fear. I guess I wouldn’t call it fear,
more of a sense of… disturbance. Like reality had suddenly hit a bump or had
a glitch, with the inescapable feeling that it was not over, and more was going
to happen any second. But it never did. 

Eventually, I had to make breakfast.
That helped distract me and then, to my relief, a couple of my regular guests
came down for breakfast. It was comforting to talk with a familiar face… It
helped calm my nerves. Of course, I mentioned nothing of this to them, or to my
manager when he relieved me. I haven’t heard from the mystery woman again, but
I did see the woman who initially complained. I thought about pulling her aside
and talking to her about it, but I thought better of the idea. After all, she
hadn’t seen the room. She hadn’t seen it all in order, empty. 

All she knew is
that there was noise in the next room, she called me and complained, and the
noise stopped and nobody would answer the door. If I started telling her about
my “phantom woman” she would think I was crazy… I couldn’t blame
her, I myself have been battling with my mind trying to figure out if I maybe I
some some sort of mental break that caused hallucinations, or if what I saw and
heard really is what happened. I’m not at the point of actually talking to a
psychiatrist, but I am concerned… The only comfort I have is the knowledge
that most people who are “crazy” (loose term) don’t usually suspect
it. The old saying “crazy people don’t know they’re crazy” often
rings true.

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