Creepypasta #1577: The Hair In Your Neck

Length: Short

When did that get there?

The human
body can be weird and unpredictable, tiny anomalies that sprout out and random
occurrences that seem almost like glitches in the grand scheme of its inner

Like that
lone hair, sticking out of your neck.

It had
probably been there for days, but you’ve only just noticed it now while doing
your teeth.

A dark strand
you could hardly feel, but as soon as you knew it was there it became a burn
overwhelming everything else, you HAD to get rid of it.

Some deft
tweezer work later and it’d gone.

4 days later
another one, in the same spot.

You rolled
your eyes at this minor, inconsequential annoyance.

You got rid
of it and forget it after an hour.

A week after
that, another one in the same spot.

The process





That was a
fortnight ago.

And, right on
cue as you prepare for bed you spot it again.

You grab the
tweezers and pull, but get surprised at the resistance you feel.

A hard yank
and it’s out.

Well, that
part is, but now it’s a small string leading back into your neck.

So you yank
again, winding your arm back to reveal more hair unspooling out of that tiny

It’s about
30cm long.

Your eyes
widen and your breath gets faster.

How long can
it be? What’s going on?

You pull
again, and again, like you’re removing stitches.

That was 5
minutes ago.

There’s nearly
2 meters of fine hair draped around your arm and seeping out of your neck, but
there seems to be no end to it.

What is it

What is it
doing inside of you?

There’s a
voice crying in your head.

“Cut it,
go to bed and see a doctor tomorrow”

But you know
you won’t be able to sleep. Who would?

In fact
you’re no longer tired. You feel a rush of adrenaline and shock propping you on
your feet.

Nothing else
matters now. Everything else can wait.

So you pull.
And you pull.

And you pull.

And you pull.

And you pull.

And you pull.

Credits to: MoGhulisMoProblems (story)