Creepypasta #1580: The Girl In The Back Of The…

Length: Short

what I have been able to research, the fear of a “monster in the
closet” is generally an irrational one.

the terror that follows me is firmly planted in reality and it is a nightmare
that I have existed with my entire life.

My first
memory of her is one of my earliest recollections.

It’s hard to forget something so traumatic.

When I was just a small girl, barely the age of five, I was alone in my
bedroom. My aunt had given me a game of connect four recently, and the fun of
playing the game with my cousin was still fresh in my mind. My mother had
tidied up my room after our play date and had stored the board game in the back
of my closet. I remember approaching the closet door very vividly. It was an
old oak door, with a bronzed, engraved knob. I reached out and turned the knob,
eager to pull the game out and play it on my own.

My eyes
scanned the closet, peeking through my shirts, dresses, and dolls. Something
gleamed unnaturally in the dark, just behind my toy chest. I paused, uncertain-
but curious- as to what undiscovered treasure lurked among my toys.
I pressed myself into the closet, shifting the dresses along their hangers,
greedy and excited for something new to play with. When my mind registered what
I was seeing, I took a step back, pulling away from the closet.

behind the chest was a girl a little older than me.

Her skin was a pale shade of yellow; a color that as an adult, I now recognize
as one of decomposition. Her brown hair was matted with dirt and swarming with

Her mouth was an empty maw, with it’s teeth missing and the roots exposed.

Her eyes shined though. The corneas gleamed an unnatural shade of white.

She attempted to pull her lips into a smile. A black liquid oozed from her

shut the door at that point. I ran downstairs to my mother, screaming and

When my
mother came upstairs and investigated the closet, she found nothing out of the

Isn’t that how these things normally go?

I could
never again open a closet door on my own without seeing the girl crouching in
the back of it.

It didn’t matter what closet door I opened, or what home I moved to.

She was always there, waiting for me, and trying to force a smile on her
shattered face. It almost felt like she wanted me to play a game with her.

realized fast that this was not something I could share with others. She would
never be waiting there when I tried to expose her to my friends and family.

learned to live my life without the use of closets.

I rarely have guests over because my personal items litter my home. Everything
I need is well within reach for me, as cluttered as things are. I decided it
was safer to not push my luck and expose myself to her when unnecessary.

tonight, I am in trouble.

I awoke to the sounds of crashing coming from downstairs. I went carefully down
my stairwell, and I saw a large, threatening looking man roaming my living room. He looked up at me on the stairs and sneered.

he charged towards me.

I ran.

I panicked.

defensive instinct, I ran into my bathroom and locked the door. He’s roaming
around on the top floor and he’s going to get to the bathroom soon. I’ve called
the police, but they’ll need time to get here.

It doesn’t seem like he’s going to let up before the cops get here.

course, there’s one more place that I could try to hide.

slide the closet door open and see an unholy shine of those glazed white eyes.

She finally pulls her lips into a
full smile as I close the closet door behind me.

Credits to: ImANormalDude (story)