Creepypasta #1583: A Friendly Neighborhood

Length: Short

Every night this past week, I waved to my neighbor before
going to sleep, since his bedroom window was right across from mine. He always
had something new in his hands to show me, smiling from ear to ear like a kid
at show and tell. I laughed and clapped as he displayed his treasures for me,
whether it was a new shirt or a golf club or a stack of dollar bills. He always
looked sad when I said good night.

however, was different. When I went to the window, the man wasn’t waiting for
me. He was running around the bedroom like a lunatic, tossing his treasures
around into bags like his life depended on it. I got worried. I hoped he was

That’s when
the car pulled into the driveway. A couple with a pair of suitcases got out and
walked to the front door, the husband sticking his keys into the lock. It

I froze. The man was at the window, staring at me, holding a
gun across his lips. Even when he hid in the corner and turned out the lights,
I could still see him. Smiling from ear to ear.

Credits to: ShadowScribe (story)