Creepypasta #1585: Catcalling Is Gross

Length: Short

I was driving around town with my
roommates, a few guys I had found on Craigslist who were going to the same
school as me. They were frat guys without a frat, and I was desperate to fit in
with them, to fit in anywhere, and I knew this could be my
only shot.

So there I
was, sitting in the backseat of Danny’s car, watching them shout at girls from
the windows.

“Hey! Nice
ass!” shouted Tom. The girl kept her head down and didn’t respond, so he called
out again, “Slut!”

All the guys
laughed. I chuckled, too, to look like I belonged.

sugartits!” screamed Mike. This girl shot him a look of disgust and flipped him
off. That only made everyone laugh harder.

“Okay, Ian,
your turn!” said Danny, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

I froze. I’d
never catcalled a girl before.

“C’mon, what
are you, chicken?” asked Mike.

“Dude, you
don’t want to be a nerd, do you?” sneered Tom.

I had been a
nerd all my life. I certainly didn’t want to be one again now.

I spotted a
girl. She was pretty – long brown hair, freckles, a yellow sundress. She looked
blankly ahead, lost in her thoughts.

I didn’t know
what to yell. So I tried, “Hey, girl, lemme see your insides!”

The car was
silent for a moment before everyone started roaring with laughter.

was that?!” asked Tom, breathless.

“Dude, you’re
so nasty,” said Danny, but I could see him shooting me an approving look in the

Mike was
laughing too hard to say anything.

I grinned,
feeling like I’d impressed the guys. We passed the girl and she stared at me.
She didn’t avert her eyes, she didn’t yell back at us, she didn’t gesture. She
just watched me with those blank eyes. A shiver went down my spine. She
continued watching me until the car went around a corner and we were out of

Then I forgot
all about her.

Danny used
his fake I.D. to buy us some shitty beer and we went back to our apartment to
chill. Eventually, the guys drank enough to pass out and I crept off to my own
bed, feeling a little from the alcohol.

I fell asleep
as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up
early in the morning, unsure what had disturbed me. It was still dark and the
moon was hidden behind thick black clouds. I couldn’t see anything around me.
But I could hear something.

Slick. Slick. Slick.

It sounded
wet. Groggy, I reached for my bedside lamp and switched it on.

The girl from
the street was standing there, staring at me. She had cut herself open from
stem to stern, peeled her flesh back, and was slowly pulling out her intestines.

Slick. Slick. Slick.

She paused at
my look of horror. Then she kept pulling, speaking to me softly.

“What? Isn’t this what you wanted to see?”

Credits to: sleepyhollow_101 (story)