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I am thinking about going back to my half and half cause I miss it so much and I actually had somewhat of confidence in myself when I had it. But i am so indecisive cause I am going to have to bleach one side of my hair, I really just don’t want to bleach all of it considering my hair is already black. I can just put black over the black I already have that is now fading to a brown. But for the red side I am obviously going to have to bleach it, I am scared. I want to buy the stuff tomorrow and do it, but again I am scared. I hate bleaching my hair. Ugh. Opinions?




Silent Hill, a town as clouded in fog as it is in secrets.  The puritanist cult The Order founded the town of Silent Hill, worshipping a God who thrives on human sacrifices.  In the movie a bastard child, Alessa, is burned in a human sacrifice to “purify” her, but when her restraints are compromised the pyre is knocked over setting fire to the church and ultimately the whole town.

In game play, Silent Hill is a rural town in the Northeastern United States.  The main character in each game either stumbles into the town by freak accident or willingly enters while searching for someone.  For each character Silent Hill becomes the sinister tangible manifestation of their subconscious, their fears, their guilt, their memories, and their emotional states.

Silent Hill has many influences from ancient folklore to modern horror stories.  One of the lesser known influences, but a very interesting one, is the modern ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Centralia was an extremely small coal mining town, their population reaching its highest population in 1890 with 2,761 residents.  A fire started in an underground mine beneath the town in 1962, the specific cause of the fire remains unknown, though there are many theories.  The fire continues to burn to this day, literally releasing toxic smoke and gas from the ground into the town.  As of 2010 Centralia had only 10 remaining residents.

I live in PA and went to centralia and let me tell you its a god damn adventure. If you ever get the chance to go, do it. You wont regret it. It’s especially fun at night. Just be careful lmao

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Babysitter terrors


Most classic horror movie tropes and urban legends have no actual basis in real crime.  The infamous trope of a murderer stalking the babysitter is no different.  Lots of folks have a story from their home town about the local babysitter being raped and murdered while on the job, but to actually find such a case you have to go back over 60 years.

Columbia, Missouri, March 18, 1950: Janett Christman was babysitting outside the city limits.  Someone broke a window on the side of the home and then entered through the front door.  She made a phone call to 911, but was immediately attacked.  The police couldn’t trace the call so they couldn’t do anything for her other than listen to her screams on the other line.  Christman was raped, murdered, and found strangled with an electrical cord.  She was only 13 years old.  Her murderer was never found.

Four years earlier, also in Columbia, Missouri, on February 6, 1946, Marylou Jenkins fell victim to a crime particularly similar to Christman’s.  She was raped, murder, and found strangled with an electrical cord.  A man was convicted for this crime, but some people believe he was wrongly convicted due to the odd similarities between these two crimes.

During this time period, several other women were raped while babysitting by a man wearing a mask in and around Columbia, Missouri.  They were not murdered, but under the circumstances surrounding Janett Christman and Marylou Jenkins some people believe these crimes were also committed by the same man.

Dead Marching by Ben Zweifel

Dead Marching by Ben

Monster concept by Timur Mutsaev

Monster concept by Timur

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Venom Vs. Predator by Chris McJunkin & Paul Little