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Creepypasta #1522: Weird Shit I’ve Seen As A M…

Length: Short

up playing video games and watching war movies, I didn’t think twice about joining
the Marines so I could be in the infantry. I went through all of the training
and unwelcome hardship that makes you really reconsider
your decision. Anyway, I got stationed to a desert base known as 29 Palms – the
largest piece of militarily controlled land in the US. It covers approximately
930 square miles in total. It’s fucking huge, in Southern California, and a few
hours from Mexico. When you’re out that far, you start to see some shit.

fast forward to my first field op and me losing my shit. To put things in
perspective as to how far away we are from civilization… the closest man made
object is a 3 hour ride away. This day was particularly hot because it broke
130 as if the sun said “I told I could!”, so we spent all day hiding
under camouflage netting getting classes about various military tactics. Once
the sun set, we set off into night to get some hard realistic training done.

night, we practice using our night vision optic to do simple shit like
reloading and reading maps. It produces an image off of ambient infared light
so you can actually see a lot more shit than the naked eye. The sky is
absolutely cluttered with stars. I can see a shooting star every few seconds.
The Milky way. It’s pretty darn cool. Finally, after roaming around aimlessly
for what felt like forever, we head back and we’re granted a few hours of
sleep. I lay down and start to drift off.

suddenly woken up after what felt like 10 minutes and I get up instantly.

up bitch, you’re on watch.”


get dressed and I stand my post dutifully like I’m told at the checkpoint. I’m
given a radio and told to only lift the barbwire after it gets approved over
the radio. It’s maybe around 2am and everyone else in my company is dead asleep
except for myself and an officer in the comm truck. All I can hear are the
coyotes. I decide to start looking at the stars with my night vision. I hear a
coyote yelp off in the distance and think nothing of it. 

A few minutes later,
another Marine comes over a small hill in front me. Nothing crazy, probably
taking a dump. He walks towards me but his eyes don’t really reflect light.
Rationally, one of us is probably dehydrated so I think nothing of it. He
approaches me and after a few seconds of staring at me, he simply says:

I come in?”

voice didn’t sound right. No inflection or questioning tone. Weird. I ask him
what his name was and why he was out so far taking a dump. He tells me his
name, Sgt Wright, and he ignores my dump question. Same weird voice. Granted,
I’m new to the unit so I don’t know anyone named Sgt Wright but I still had to
verify it.

this is Roadguard 1. There is a Sgt Wright requesting entry. Over.”

1, this is Main. There is no Sgt Wright in this company and the closest unit is
25 miles away. Make sure- shit get the fuck back here right now. Don’t let him
or even look at him. Run..”

the weird dude started to hear this, his face changed to severely angry. Like
he wanted to rip my throat out and drink my blood. By the time I got back,
everyone is awake. All of the vehicle lights are turned on and everyone is
packing up. Scrambling into the trucks. 

We leave a lot of shit behind like the
tents, water, and food and drive the entire 3 hours back. I never got an
explanation from anyone but my squad leader who was a simple, backwoods kind of
guy, who bluntly said that whatever I saw, wasn’t asking to get through the
gate. I never really understood what he meant by that until I discovered this

to come. Trying to do these in chronological order as fast as I can. As you can
guess, they get crazier as they go.

to: 035none (story)

Creepypasta #1514: The Burn Room

Length: Short

I went to visit a friend one day.
She had recently dropped out of college and wanted to get as far away from her
family and their judgement as possible. She decided to move to a small town
practically in the middle of nowhere. This was the kind of town where everybody
knows everybody, and everyone knows everything that happens. It had a kind of
an eerie feel to it, but from what I’ve gathered through travels, most small
towns feel that way.

arrived to her house after 13 hours of nonstop travel. Driving into the town
was odd. The sign said “Welcome” but I didn’t feel as though I was.

I passed the sign, I felt a chill run down my spine. Strange. I pulled up to
the address my friend had given me, slightly confused as to how worn down the
house looked since she had told me she fixed it up. It was just past 7pm and it
was dark outside. No lights were on inside the house. I pulled the keys out of
the ignition and started towards the front door. I rang the bell. Nothing. I
waited for a few more minutes, occasionally glancing at the road for any signs
of headlights. Nothing. 

I knocked on the door and rang the bell once more
before deciding to go back to wait in my car. I pulled out my phone to text her
as I sat down. She responded telling me that she was really sorry and that she
had stepped out to go to the store, but would be back shortly and that the door
was unlocked if I wanted to go in. I did.

I opened the door, a strong, musty scent washed over me. Switching on the
lights, the dusty interior of the home was revealed. It didn’t seem like anyone
had tidied up in quite a while. Being a bit of a neat freak, I looked around
for something to clean with. After looking for a few minutes I found what I
thought was the storage closet. Maybe there’d be a duster or a mop or a broom or

I put my hand on the doorknob and instantly pulled away. It burned.
I looked down at my palm and it started to blister. Fire. Panicking, I looked
around for an oven mitt or a dishtowel so I could open it, and a fire hydrant
to put out the fire when I got to it. I found a pot holder and the extinguisher
under the sink and prepared to open the door, tying a dishtowel around my mouth
and nose to protect me from the fire. I slowly approached the door,
extinguisher ready, and turned the doorknob, pulling the door open as quickly
as possible and extinguishing the fire.

stood in the doorway, waiting for the smoke to clear. When it did, I was
horrified. The room was metal on all four walls. The inside of the door was as
well. The floor was linoleum. That’s not what scared me. What scared me were
the bodies. Some chained to the wall, others strapped to what looked like
operating tables. Some just lying on the floor. The scene was gruesome. Charred
bodies. Some of them still had identifiable features. The fire must have been
started recently. All of these people were gagged in one way or another. Some
of them with rags, ball gags, bits, socks. A few of them naked. Some clothed in
latex. A few of them cut open. Some seemed as though they were still alive. They
were. I made eye contact with one of the bodies on the floor. Tears were
streaming out of their eyes, their mouth still blocked by a rag. I stood there.
Shaking. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I tried again.

gonna….I’m gonna call….c-call for help,” I choked out. They blinked at
me and nodded, their face contorting in pain. I pulled out my phone and dialed
911. After the call ended, my friend sent me a text.

read: I’m home. Where are you?

looked at my phone in shock and slowly walked to look out the front window.

sent her a text: What do you mean? I’m in your house. 47 Walnut Road.

called me. “I live at 47 Walnut Lane, you dummy,” She chuckled. I
didn’t respond. “Luna? Are you okay?” I still didn’t reply.
“Hello,” she sounded concerned. I took a shaky, deep breath and
looked down at my burnt hand as I saw the red and blue lights flashing.

gonna have to call you back,” I choked, “I don’t feel so good.”

do you-”

I hung up the phone and crumpled to
the floor, finally letting out a sob. The police barged in the door.

Credits to: babydolliegore (story)

Creepypasta #1512: Paranoid

Length: Short

gets the best of all of us. When you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth
or wash your hands, and you peek behind the shower curtain just to be certain
that nothing is hiding. Or, when you rush back upstairs to your room after
turning the downstairs lights off, so the boogeyman can’t come out of his dark
hiding spot to drag you back down.

gets its grasp on you right before you drive to work or school in bad weather
conditions, and you catch yourself quietly praying to a God that you don’t
believe in. How about when you take your dog for a walk in the woods, and even
her upbeat energy can’t keep your eyes from quickly inspecting and scanning the
wilderness for someone or something hiding. Just waiting for you come closer.

Paranoia places its clawed hand on your
shoulder while you sit on your phone or in front of your computer. When you
know that she isn’t sitting behind you as you read this, but maybe you should
check just in case she is watching. Waiting for you to turn around.

Credits to: ScreamingAloe (story)

Creepypasta #1510: A Thousand Pennies

“Fools,” Sam whispered to himself.

Almost everyday, kids would come by to the well and drop their leftover pennies in it,
wishing for their crush to love them or for their team to win.

Sure, most of
them did it as a tradition or a harmless joke. But some did believe that their
wishes would come true.

Sam knew they

He knew
because he had dropped thousands of coins into the well himself, with only one
unfulfilled wish.

“I wish someone would get me out.”

Credits to: Acceptance00 (story)

Creepypasta #1509: Someone Is Writing Messages…

Length: Short

It all started a few weeks ago, I do
not use curtains in my room, the window is on the wall in front of the bed but
it only starts where the bed ends, so I never felt the need for one.

was a Saturday when I woke up and saw a message written in black on the glass
of my window: “hello”. 

I thought it could only be my mother or my
younger sister trying to scare me (they both have the key to my house and can
come and go as they please). I start walking around the house and it’s empty,
no sign of my mother, sister, no one, everything is the same as I left the
night before.

I was frightened by the message I thought it could only be a joke, I took a wet
cloth and went to the window, I started to clean but the ink did not come out,
until I noticed that it was not written inside but outside.

that moment I was more than scared, I picked up the phone and told my mother
what was going on, it was a mistake because she was more scared than I was. I
also called my sister, she did not know anything, she swore it was not her, but
unlike my mother she told me to relax that it must be someone trying to be

the conversation with my sister made me relax a bit, I could not get it out of
my mind. Only the thought that in a few hours is going to be dark and I would
be in that house alone would make me shiver. I decided to go to my mother’s
house, spend the night there and go back home, just to feel a little better.

I got home there was another message in the window, this time in red: “I
missed you”. Again the message was outside the window, I picked up a cloth
and wiped the message.

that moment I was completely scared but I decided that whoever it is will not
get me out of my house, my sister was right, I do not know how someone was
writing those messages but I’m sure it’s a joke, I decided I was not going to
clean anymore messages, when they saw that the messages no longer affected me,
they would stop writing.

next day I woke up with a message in the window saying “I can see
you”, so I decided that once and for all I would buy curtains, I could not
bear the thought of someone spying on me while I sleep (although I sleep with
everything turned off so I guess they should not be able to see anything).

I put the curtains I had a week of peace, and as I had said I had not cleaned
the last message, whenever I opened the curtain there was the message: “I
can see you”, but yesterday morning when I woke up I had another message,
next to “I can see you” was “and you will see me too”. I
thought about calling the police, but I do not know if they could do something,
I decided to ignore the message again, I did not bother to clean it, which
brings me to this day.

I woke up about an hour ago, opened
the curtain and next to the two messages had another, “soon”. This
message seemed different, more vivid somehow, until I noticed that this was the
first message that was not written outside my window, it was written from the
inside. I did not dare leave my room afraid someone was in the house. What do
you think I should do?

Credits to: Cally097 (story)

Creepypasta #1508: Guide For Newcomers (Richte…

Length: Short

Welcome, new Romans! We’re glad to have you here for a
fantastic new school year. We have a few rules that we ask you to follow to
ensure your maximum enjoyment. There are also some suggestions for the same

Yes, there are coed dorms. No, this
does not mean you can sneak out to canoodle.

There is a zero tolerance policy for
drugs and alcohol. Any violations will see you removed from campus.

The dining areas are open 24/7. If
you go there after midnight, you might not like what you find.

Majors must be chosen by the end of
the first semester. Failure to do so will result in kitchen work.

We value diversity and tolerance. If
any hate speech is reported, you will be removed from campus.

Sexual violence will be dealt with
swiftly and harshly.

Guns are not allowed on campus.
Fighting back is against the rules.

No pets. Nobody likes fun sized

In the winter, frost can and will
accumulate quickly on certain windows and doors. Leave them be.

10.  Do not, under any circumstances, go into the kitchen. Our
chefs do not like being disturbed.

11.  In the event of an active shooter situation, shelter in
place. They will enforce the no gun policy with swift effectiveness.

don’t forget to say hi to Romus the Roman at sporting events, or whenever you
catch a glimpse of him! Don’t be rude though, otherwise he’ll be forced to take
you to the coliseum.

Have a great year! We’ll meet up again to discuss the future
with those of you who make it to semester.

Credits to: Lieutenant_Buzzkill (story)

Creepypasta #1506: The Fifth Day Of The Fifth …

Length: Short

It was on the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year
when the witches met once more. The crimson witch, adorned with rubies and
caked with wonderful water of blood; wore a red cloak with a crown of red that
day. Her hands, withered and veiny as they were, held onto her crimson staff
with a strength surpassing that of even the oldest of gods.

The violet
witch was next to emerge from the place where mountains split and flesh sing,
her hands; blue as the deepest oceans and her crown wet with water, her cloak
was one of blue, one that expelled hope- leaving it to drown under the takings
of the water.

And lastly,
the youngest, the green witch- ever so youthful, her naked form adorned with
vines and leaves, her skin, smooth and brown like that of a warm oak- her green
eyes glinted in the abyss.

The three
understood their goal, they understood their purpose the moment they arose in
the lakes of lava, from the deep blues of ocean abyss, and from the
ever-wrapping vines and vegetation.

It was a
simple one, their goal that is, a goal that had been before them, and before
their descendants.

They walked
quickly in the pale moonlight, making their way quickly towards that of the

The green
witch looks at her mentors for guidance, they only nod.

The cave’s
interior is once of abyss, a cold and unforgiving space in which no light

The creatures
that inhabited, they were not ready for the world above, a world of beauty- a
world that they would taint and destroy, pillage until nothing by crimson
remained- throwing the world off its balance until nothing remained and abyss
would consume once more.

Their forms
were pale, skeletal, their eyes glint in the abyss with eyes of malice.

The Crimson
witch prepared her fire.

The Violet
witch prepared her water.

The Green
witch prepared her vegetation.

The humans were not going to escape into the world above
just yet.

Credits to: theBIRD3222 (story)