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According to the computer’s readouts, the astr…

So why were they still screaming?

Credits to: Lots42 (story)

I thought nothing could be worse than my son d…

So far there are 28 versions of him at my house, all slightly different, none quite right.

Credits to: slightly-simian (story)

I looked around the dark depths we had dared t…

The strange thing is, we were only four on our way down here.

Credits to: Visible_variety (story)

I dropped my iPhone.

It landed with the screen facing toward the ground.

Credits to: burgsuit (story)

I see happy beach-goers messing around gleeful…

So I grab their ankles and bring them to the depths with me.

Credits to: Visible_variety (story)

“Look, Momma—a mermaid!”

I pulled my daughter close, as the sharks circled the lifeboat.

Credits to: PurpleAngel23 (story)

As a kid, I had always chased my shadow.

It hadn’t occurred to me that it could chase me, too.

Credits to: cutie_pie19 (story)

“Daddy, where do little girls and boys go when…

“You haven’t been playing in Daddy’s Shed, have you, Lindsey?”

Credits to: PurpleAngel23 (story)