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I’ve been told many things, persuaded, told insistently, but in the face of these determined therapists and psychiatrists, I remind myself of one firm belief.

That thing I killed was not my brother.

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Noclervius_Atam (story)

After eons of sanitizing my rock collection, I have almost finished.

Only one unsuspecting planet left, teeming with biological filth.

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frazentropy (story)

For Thanksgiving my new girlfriend invited me over to meet her family for the first time.

My nervousness gave way to fear upon discovering that not only was the food that adorned the table made of plastic, but so were the “family members” posed in chairs around the dining room.

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thecuriousdeadcat (short)

My fear of the dark has always suffocated me, since I was a kid.

The only thing that makes it worse now is the sound of the dirt hitting the top of my coffin.

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jrose0210 (story)

“Don’t worry – there’s definitely no monster in the wardrobe,” my father said, gently closing the door.

“That’s because it lives inside me now,” he continued as he turned the key in the lock.

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bahuller (story)

Despite their efforts, the engine refused to start again.

In a derelict submarine, there’s nothing they could do but wait.

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uxbnkuribo (story)

My parents find me wherever I hide.

That is, until I got the restraining order.

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Lots42 (story)

I looked in the mirror earlier today.

I watched my reflection blink, without ever closing my eyes.

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jackal006 (story)